How a fun casino works, fun money and lessons on how to play

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Before the event, each guest is given  fun money, which can be personalised for your event.  This may then be exchanged at a game table of their choice for its face value in playable casino chips.

At the start of an event our team will spend time teaching your guests how to play Roulette, Blackjack and Poker.  This is a no risk and very informal way to learn how casinos operate and everyone will have a great night socialising with friends!

When the casino tables close at the end of the event, your guests will be asked to hand in their chips.  A non cash prize is presented to the guest with the most chips. This can be discussed at the time of the booking.

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Fun casino | Game choices

European Roulette :
The original casino game and by far the most popular with our customers. Place your bets and make them as simple or as complex as you like, everybody plays at their own pace. Don’t worry if you are a complete beginner, our friendly, experienced staff are always happy to guide you through every step of the game.
Please ensure that you have enough space at the chosen venue to accommodate this game.
(Table measures 9’3 x 5’6) Accommodates 10 players at any one time.

Blackjack :
Our second most popular game and a true game of skill. Use your judgment to get closer to '21' than the dealer but beware, go 'bust', and you'll lose everything!!
(Table measures 7’ x 4’) Accommodates 7 players at any one time.

Casino Stud Poker :       
An easy to learn version of Poker.  Once you pick it up, you'll find it difficult to put it down again!  Win with a weak hand one minute, don’t get paid on your Royal Flush the next.  Stud Poker has the ability to have you laughing and crying almost at the same time.  Either way, it'll have you coming back for more.
(Table measures 7’ x 4’) Accommodates 6 players at any one time.

Mini Craps :
A scaled down version of the 12ft Craps tables in Casinos, ours is a more managable 8ft long.  Roll the dice along the length of the table and cheer as your numbers are rolled. This is the classic game for a Las Vegas night. This table requires two/three croupiers and is therefore more expensive to hire.
(Table measures 8’ x 4’) Accommodates 10-14 players at any one time.

Mini Baccarat :
A scaled down version of Baccarat which avoids the 'intimidating atmosphere' associated with the original game.  In this game the stakes are lower and the dealer handles all the cards. The object of the game is to get as close to 9 (a natural) as possible.
(Table measures 7’ x 4’) Accommodates 7 players at any one time.

Texas Hold’em Poker :
We can cater for poker tournaments of up to 100 people.  We also provide poker training sessions.
Texas Hold’em tournaments are most suitable for corporate events, stag parties or private functions.
(Table measures 8’ x 3’ or 5’ round) Accommodates 10 people at each table.

Casino Lessons :
If you want to learn how to play Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Craps or Bacarrat, then we can come to your home and teach you how to play and some basic money management tips as well.  This will give you the confidence to visit a casino either here in the UK or abroad and play. We conduct these lessons in the comfort of your own home and prices can be discussed.  On average you will need about 2 hours to learn the basics. Please complete an enquiry form to find out more.

Croupier / Dealer Lessons :
Have you ever wanted to learn how to deal like a croupier?  Our team has trained hundreds of dealers over their careers. We can train you on Blackjack, Roulette and Poker.  Training will consist of basic chip work and then we move over to your chosen game or games.  Minimum training to reach a competent level is 40 hours.  Training is bespoke.  Please complete an enquiry form to find out more.