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The Little Casino Company has the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) games.  Anki OVERDRIVE is an iPod-controlled, robotic, virtual-combat, racing game. Imagine playing Mario Kart in the real world using miniature, artificially intelligent robotic cars with real personalities and their own weapons.  


How does Anki OVERDRIVE work?

Anki Drive is the equivalent of driving down a motorway at 250 miles an hour!! The race cars themselves are deceptively powerful, with a 50MHz computer, a camera reading the track and two electric motors, one in each rear wheel.  The car senses and interprets the track 500 times a second, correcting and reacting to its changing position and relaying that information back to the smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.


What events would Anki OVERDRIVE work at?

This is an amazing product and can be added to any Casino night, but it is especially suited to James Bond themed events.  It is also a great “stand alone” event for corporate events, Stag Events, Car show rooms, Clubs, Night clubs and Bars etc. It is also an amazing game to hire for teen parties.  It is the must have gadget.

How does Anki Overdrive work?

Each player will choose one car from one of the 6 car types, and give it a unique name to identify their car.  Players will use their car to battle with up to 3 other cars, each controlled by another player or a challenging artificial intelligence car.  During the battle, players control their cars speed and weapon systems via an iPod controller.  We recommend guests download the App to their own phones to fully engage in the event!
Each time a player battles they will earn points.  These points can be used on virtual upgrades for their car, and may improve the cars speed, energy, offensive, or defensive abilities in the next race.  After a couple battles, the 4 active cars will be returned to their battery chargers and the next group of players will begin their battle.  Cars can usually run for about 10 minutes or up to 4 battles between charges, and usually take about 8 minutes to recharge.  So players will need to take turns battling in groups of 4 at a time, while everyone else's car is recharging.

Players will start on a basic track and graduate to more complex tracks over the course of the event.  Players are expected to use the same car for the duration of the event, this way they can retain their car's points and upgrades. Players may choose to trade or share their cars.  All cars are returned to TLC at the end of the event, players CANNOT keep their cars.

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How much does Anki OVERDRIVE cost to hire

Starting at £195.00 to hire for a 90 minute taster event. That's great value for a choice of tracks and a minimum of 8 cars. Of course, we can hire for longer and even give weekly rates.

Space Required : About 8 x 13 feet of floor space is required, for each track table. Larger tracks can be created too!!

• No direct sunlight: The track cannot be setup in areas with sunlight, as the Infrared light from the sun will confuse the sensors on the cars.
• Dust free: The area around the track must be free of dust and debris, as this can cause issues with the cars performance.
• Setup time: There is almost no setup time, however we will need a few minutes to top off the cars batteries, so about a half hour.
• Access to power: Access to a standard plug is required as the cars need constant recharging.


Some International reviews - 

USA Today
Anki is about to dominate the coming consumer robotic space

Time Magazine
The smartest cars you’ve ever seen

Financial Times
Exciting in the extreme and especially fascinating

The Guardian
Is much more than a toy.

Daily Star
Forget Scalextric! This explosive racer is the ultimate toy for boys.

I call them a dazzling modern era take on the slot car racing of my youth.



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